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Bjoern's Random Links & Musings - Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first edition of my little newsletter experiment. In 2018 the good old email newslett

Bjoern's Random Links & Musings

19. Dezember · Ausgabe #1 · Im Browser ansehen
Stuff that came across my desk. Sometimes funny. Sometimes interesting. Occasionally both. English/German Mix.

Welcome to the first edition of my little newsletter experiment.
In 2018 the good old email newsletter turned out to be the next frontier for personal publishing & sharing - after weblogs and social media. And because I always thought that you can’t understand anything fully when you haven’t tried it, I am starting a personal newsletter.
Not long articles, but a few interesting, funny or strange links with short comments - published every now and then. You can find a little test run down below. If you like what you see, please do leave your email address… 🙏
And if this little personal experiment turns out to be worthwhile, maybe something bigger will come along in 2019… 🤫
So stay tuned…

SAP erfolgreich einführen? Hier ein paar Tipps vom Profi!
Die Einführung von #SAP in Unternehmen funktioniert ja nicht immer reibungslos. Oft stellt man in der Mitte des Projektes fest, dass die Dinge ein bisschen komplizierter sind, als man eigentlich mal dachte. Und nicht selten wird so ein Projekt dann abgebrochen.
Q: Warum scheitern SAP-Projekte?
A: Weil dem Anwender das Verständnis für die Software fehlt!
Q: Wann sind SAP-Projekte erfolgreich?
A: Wenn man Unternehmen, Prozesse und Kultur so ändert, dass sie zur Software passen!
Moment - einfach die Kultur des Unternehmens so anpassen, dass die Software damit klar kommt und fertig? Was kann da schon schiefgehen… 🤦‍♂️

AI is big in China! Who would’ve thought?
Two interesting articles on #AI worldwide. The first one comes from How China Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence
China is widening their lead in AI globally by concentrating on a core set of best practices that energize entire industries to pilot and adopt AI for unique use cases.
The second one is an interview with Kai-Fu Lee, AI expert and former exec at Apple, Microsoft and Google: No hope for Europe’s artificial intelligence sector
So it feels to me like the only way for Europe to succeed is to kick out Google, Facebook and Amazon. But the idea that Europe can get ahead by limiting the power of these tech giants is naive. It appears unimplementable both because Europe is so far behind and people won’t give up what they love…
The China Social Score is getting real.
Very interesting report from VICE News about the social score system China plans to roll out nationwide in a few years and how it feels to live with it. Looks pretty frightening to Westerners - but maybe not so much to Chinese…!?
China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming (HBO)
Check this out: a 196 Giga-Pixel Panorama of Shanghai!
Shot from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower, you can zoom into the picture until you see the faces of random people in the street. Amazing.
And last, but not least...
Data, Privacy, and Brand Trust cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne Data, Privacy, and Brand Trust cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne
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